yeast dough, mashed potatoes, white mushrooms, champignon, dill, parsley, green onions, barbecue sauce

540 g

870 g

1310 g


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Pie with cabbage

yeast dough, tomatoes, соус з помідорів, dill, parsley, green onions, cabbage

547 g

875 g

1312 g


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It is unrealistic to argue with the fact that vegetarianism has become a very popular trend in the modern world. People who chose this path of existence for themselves were guided by social, religious and spiritual aspects. For them, killing for the sake of nourishing the stomach is considered unacceptable. They are confident that every creature should live its full and vibrant life, which is destined for it. Vegetarians believe that each food carries a certain amount of energy. And she, in turn, is obtained in the process of obtaining food. Vegetarians don't understand how you can experience the joy and pleasure of dead food, what emotions can you experience while doing this?
Also, one cannot hide the fact that for many people it is not so important the awareness of what you eat, but as a benefit to the body. There is a completely misconception that vegetarian food is just herb. And she cannot fully provide our body with the necessary vitamins. But if this is all true, then as these people are still alive, they look quite healthy. Few people know, but initially, at the genetic level, a person is considered a herbivore. Therefore, our body can do without meat if all food is replaced correctly.

Our bakery also follows all the trends and trends of the modern world. Therefore, in our menu you can find not only Ossetian pies with meat, fish, cheese and of course sweet fillings, but we also have Ossetian pies for vegetarians. They are very often ordered from us even mixed with meat or fish fillings for a change. In addition, such trendy fillings from our masters come out unforgettably tasty. Even meat lovers will appreciate it.


Just an unreal Ossetian pie. The combination of a large amount of fresh porcini mushrooms, champignons, dill, parsley, onions and mashed potatoes with BBQ sauce and thin, crunchy dough will blow all your taste buds. It's so delicious that it's just unrealistic to come off. The filling is insanely juicy, soft, fragrant and, what is important, insanely satisfying. This Ossetian pie can be safely ordered even for work in the office for a lunch break or home to watch a wonderful evening movie with your family. You can pick up the order yourself, or order with delivery. It is very beneficial and practical. Our couriers are renowned for their very fast delivery and excellent quality.

A pie with cabbage

Few people know, but cabbage contains a large amount of vitamins. Cabbage is a low-calorie product, so everyone who wants to lose weight can safely order an Ossetian cabbage pie and not worry about gaining weight. Cabbage also stimulates metabolism and detoxifies the body very well. Just look at the low price for such an unforgettable Ossetian pie. Our bakery never ceases to amaze. With our work, we prove that tasty does not mean expensive. Therefore, hurry up to order our Ossetian pies, because they are not only high-quality, tasty and not expensive, but also insanely healthy. Also, do not forget that we often carry out various promotions and discounts. Therefore, follow our updates carefully.