Pie with cabbage

Pie with cabbage

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This product contains almost all vitamins we know. It is considered to be anti-inflammatory. The product stimulates the production of gastric juice, makes a positive contribution to the activity of the cardiac system. It is recommended to use it for gout, various kidney diseases and ischemia. Few would guess, but we are talking about cabbage. It contains a large amount of fiber and dietary fiber. Therefore, it is often included in the list of products during fasting days. Cabbage is a versatile vegetable. It can be combined with many products. But, the best culinary experts in the world have long proved that cabbage plus tomatoes are the perfect taste and maximum benefit. Our famous Ossetian cabbage pie in its filling contains, in addition to the perfect combination of the above products, tomato sauce, dill, parsley and green onions. It is very often ordered for a snack at home. After all, after work there is no strength to stand at the stove and cook tasty and healthy meals. In order to order the most delicious pies in Kiev, you should either arrange everything on our website, or call the phone number listed below. Couriers will deliver your order very quickly. Ossetian pies will come to you anywhere in Kiev.



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