Apple and Cinnamon Pie

Apple and Cinnamon Pie

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Apple plus cinnamon, no one will mind that this is the perfect combination of flavors. When these products interact, we get a real harmony of flavor notes. This combination is used not only in pies, but even in drinks. Who, how and when invented to combine apple and cinnamon is not known. But we know that the spice was brought to Europe in the eighteenth century. Thousands of years ago, people immediately saw the extraordinary potential of cinnamon, so it immediately became a delicacy. Previously, not everyone could afford this interaction of cinnamon and apple. It's so good that time passes and the order is changing. Today, in order to feel like a king, you just need to order our specialty Ossetian pie with such an ancient filling. Thin, yeasty sweet dough that shines with an attractive golden hue and juicy, tasty, perfectly matched filling. It's very difficult to refuse this. Ossetian pie with apple and cinnamon is a great choice for a family evening. In order to pick up your chosen cake, you don't need to go anywhere, our couriers will do everything for you. We are known not only for the taste of our pies and low prices, but also for our very fast delivery service. Ossetian pies will come to you anywhere in Kiev.



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