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Nutella has long won the hearts of many connoisseurs of sweets. This is not surprising. She has an incomparable taste of hazelnuts and cocoa. Nutella differs from other pastes with its individual, delicate, creamy structure. No colorants or preservatives are used in the production of the paste. Therefore, it is completely safe for use by children. Ossetian pie "Nutella" is a real paradise for those with a sweet tooth. Indeed, the composition includes only soft, tender dough with pasta. Unforgettable taste and aroma. It is very difficult to tear yourself away from this cake. It is versatile. Suitable for a snack at work, will give you a lot of strength and energy, and for a party with alcoholic drinks. To order the hit of the season, the famous Ossetian pie "Nutella", you just need to call our operators, or arrange everything on the website. You don't even have to worry about delivery. Everything will arrive quickly and efficiently. Couriers of our bakery deliver Ossetian pies anywhere in Kiev. Also, you can order not only delicious dishes, but also drinks for them. You can make your choice in favor of fruit drinks, various lemonades, juices and even soda. We love our customers very much, so we constantly update discounts and promotions for goods. Stay tuned for updates to save even more.



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