Blueberry and Pineapple Pie

Blueberry and Pineapple Pie

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Blueberries, cottage cheese and pineapple are completely common foods individually. But together, this is an incredible power of taste. Hearty, juicy, insanely aromatic and attractively tasty filling combined with a thin yeast dough, this is what could be better. Ossetian blueberry-pineapple pie has long become one of the most popular in our line of flavors. Not a single holiday is complete without it. Ossetian pie is very often ordered for holidays, especially for children. We all know about the incredible children's love for sweets. But parents do not often share this. After all, what the kids want does not differ in vitamin and energy properties. The same cannot be said about the Ossetian blueberry-pineapple miracle. At first, you are fascinated by its appearance. And this is not surprising, it is difficult to look away from the natural golden shine of the cake. And after tasting, blueberry-pineapple pie will forever remain in your heart. Our bakery doesn't overcharge, our customers don't pay for marketing. Therefore, Ossetian pies from our bakery can afford absolutely everything. But even this price can be made lower. To do this, you can order a combo menu or follow the updates of promotions and numerous discounts. With us budget, tasty, fast and reliable. Ossetian pies are delivered throughout Kiev. We will feed you anywhere.



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