Julienne Pie

Julienne Pie

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This Ossetian pie can be safely described: for all occasions. "Julienne" has a rather versatile and classic filling. This pie contains chicken, mushrooms, ricotta cheese and delicate creamy Alfredo sauce. All this, in combination with a thin tasty dough, acquires an unforgettable taste. Ossetian pie "Julienne" is a new and unique type, which has collected in itself quite ordinary products that you eat very often, but the interpretation is much more interesting. Julienne is the perfect snack at work. During your lunch break, you no longer have to run to supermarkets or cafes to have a snack and gain strength. After all, there is our fast and high-quality delivery. Our couriers will be happy to deliver your order to the office building. Ossetian pie "Julienne" just smell can drive you crazy. After such a hearty and juicy lunch, you will definitely gain energy and do the tasks you need at work perfectly. On our site you can also choose drinks for the most delicious pies in Kiev. Our famous fruit drinks are perfectly combined with the Ossetian Julienne pie. They are not only delicious, but also very healthy. Fruit drinks contain a large amount of vitamins that are so necessary for the normal functioning of our body.



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