Super Meat Pie

Super Meat Pie

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860 g

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The name of this cake speaks for itself. Ossetian pie "Supermeat" is unusually nourishing and juicy. It contains bacon, ham, bell peppers, onions and mozzarella cheese. This combination of perfection can only be found in the pies of our famous bakery. Very often new customers are surprised by the value for money. Indeed, for pies of such a high level, one cannot set such low prices. But our bakery always beats all the stereotypes. Through our work, we are used to proving that not only expensive food can be unforgettably tasty. Thanks to these prices, we have become best friends for students. Often they choose exactly Ossetian pies such as "Supermyatnaya" for satisfying, tasty and budgetary. For parties or birthdays, we advise you to pay great attention to the combo section of the menu. So you get not only our famous Ossetian pies, but also drinks and even sauces. Besides, it's much cheaper. Our bakery loves every customer very much. We appreciate your smiles after receiving your order. Therefore, especially for your good mood, we constantly conduct various promotions and discounts. We advise you from time to time to follow the updates on the site. To place an order, you can call or do everything on the site. Delivery is carried out throughout Kiev. We guarantee fast and quality work.



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