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One of the most hearty Ossetian pies on the menu of our famous bakery. The juicy filling will definitely not leave you hungry. Ossetian Pie Carbonara includes delicious bacon, incredibly aromatic mozzarella cheese, fresh tomatoes, Parmesan, delicate creamy Alfredo sauce, onions, garlic and aromatic Italian herbs that make the Ossetian Pie Carbonara unforgettably tasty and unique in its kind. The filling of the pie is an explosive combination of vitamins and an unforgettable taste. Very often, our famous fruit drinks are ordered to this Ossetian pie. Carbonara goes well with sea buckthorn, raspberry and blueberry flavors. But you can easily choose your own, individual combination. After all, people are different, and tastes may not coincide. All drinks that our bakery presents for orders are indicated in the corresponding section on our website. You don't have to worry about delivery. Your order will arrive very quickly, because we love and value our valued customers. We know how expensive your time and nerves are. With our bakery, you will forever forget about the stress of poor delivery or poor quality work. After all, with us it is not only tasty, but also reliable. We have been proving our high level of service for many years. That is why we can boast of a large number of satisfied customers.



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