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The most juicy and hearty Ossetian pie from our range. The Burger contains very healthy veal, which is rich not only in potassium, but also in sodium, phosphorus and sulfur. Meat contains a low amount of animal fat. Veal is extraordinarily tender and very tasty. Thanks to the filling with such meat, the Ossetian Burger pie is the first necessity in case of exhaustion. After all, veal makes up for the protein deficiency. In addition to meat, the Ossetian pie contains champignons and various greens. Onions, Jalapenya hot peppers, dill, parsley and sweet peppers give the dish an extraordinary taste and aroma. What could be better than a thin, soft dough with a hearty filling? Our bakery is known not only for its delicious Ossetian pies, but also for its very low prices. We are used to breaking stereotypes. With our quality slave, we have already proven to many that price has nothing to do with taste. The old stereotype that only expensive food can be unforgettable has long been destroyed by us. Many people simply forget about the power of marketing and still fall for the picture. Numerous reviews from our customers every day show that we are moving in the right direction. That the high-quality work of our employees bears fruit. You can order our famous Ossetian pies both on the website and by phone. Delivery is carried out throughout the territory of Kiev.



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Пироги действительно вкусные, начинки много а тесто мало того что тонкое, как ещё и мягкое. Цены более чем адекватные