Birthday children discount - 20%

In honor of your birthday, we give you a 20% discount on all pies.

The promotion starts 7 days before the birthday, on the birthday and 7 days after.

The discount applies to all pies of all diameters, except for combo sets. Pies sauces and drinks do not take part in the promotion.

The promotion is valid for delivery and pickup.

The terms of the loyalty program apply to this promotion.

P.S. You can use the promotion in the shopping cart when ordering online or inform the call center operator that you have a birthday!

Fresh, juicy and delicious Ossetian pies in Kiev

It is known that most people, from childhood, love pies, and now, as adults, they cannot refuse tasty things. After weighing all the pros and cons, we realized that we can give people pleasure from their favorite Ossetian pies. Having competitors, we can boldly name 6 pluses that you will like:

Huge assortment

Here you can find the taste that you have been looking for for a long time. Based on the fact that people are different, we can confidently say that tastes are different. Therefore, it is easy to find pies on the menu for vegetarians, or just for those who follow the figure. Who said that tasty means harmful?

Delicious pies

We have delicious, hearty and juicy pies with a huge amount of filling. Anyone who tries can no longer refuse. When making pies, the secret ingredients are used - love and good mood. This makes the taste of the cakes divine and mesmerizes the customers.

Daily favorite work

In difficult times, like now, the only joy is delicious food. Therefore, the bakery is open Monday through Sunday in order to save the world from a bad mood. We do not argue that daily work could be a punishment, but not for us, because our work is the best. We love what we do and we do what we love!

Safe packaging

As it turned out, for many home delivery customers, quality packaging plays a huge role. We - we cannot but listen to customers, so the pies are carefully packed in cardboard boxes that are easy to use and do not harm the environment. Knowing that the pies are well packaged, you will not worry that the courier will take a bite of the delicious pie.

Permanent promotions and discounts

We are people, and we want to eat deliciously, and save our wallet from a big waste of money. Quarantine has also piled on ... Many are sitting at home, without salaries, or even without work. This is the main reason for constantly operating profitable promotions and tempting discounts. We are not only concerned about your stomach, but also about your pocket.

Delivery across Kiev and suburbs

The cool plus is that if you want delicious pies, you will not need to go anywhere. Our couriers will deliver the order wherever you say. It would seem a trifle, but really useful in the modern world. We - understand that you need to keep pace with the times. Modern society has little free time, which, it is commonplace, is not even enough for cooking. Therefore, we are ready to become heroes and save the world from empty stomachs.

It is easy to get acquainted with the assortment on the site, and believe me, it is cool, and can easily win the heart of any connoisseur of delicious food. Each Ossetian pie is baked exclusively to order, so the pies are fresh, juicy and warm, the customers are satisfied. A list of current promotions is constantly posted on the site - you must agree that it is more pleasant to place an order with them. And of course, most importantly, you can order Ossetian pies on the website. To do this, you just need to add the pies that you want to purchase to the cart and place an order. Ordering is profitable and easy! We understand that customers do not visit the site in order to solve puzzles and riddles, so everything on the pie website, without exception, is simple and clear!