Enemies of our stomach or the top 5 foods to refuse

Very often we buy products that should be useful, but as a result we get the opposite result. Therefore, our team decided to deal with this issue and prepared for you a list of the top 5 foods that harm the stomach.

Raw meat

Of course, for many, these are very tasty dishes from the restaurant, which beckon with their exquisite names, but in practice, your stomach suffers from such food. Any meat and slave should be cooked unless you want to suffer from an eating disorder, of course.

Japanese cuisine white rice

Few people know, but rice for sushi in restaurants is poured with vinegar not only so that it sticks together. The fact is that it disinfects rice, ridding it of bacteria. And if you do it wrong, then there is a huge chance of catching an acute stomach disease.
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Fruits, herbs and vegetables

As surprising as it may sound, fruits, vegetables and herbs can also have dire consequences. This is if you want to save time and wash it all in advance. Well, yes, when buying these products in special bags, we know that they were well washed in production and ready to eat. But don't forget about negligence. This work could have been done poorly. And you end up with food poisoning.


We all know perfectly well that jokes are bad with mushrooms. They must be chosen carefully so as not to end up in the hospital later. But many people forget that in supermarkets we can also expect a trap. Doubtful forest gifts come across there quite often. Mushrooms are those foodstuffs that perfectly absorb all chemicals. When randomly buying in appearance, you cannot be sure that these mushrooms did not grow near factories or the freeway. You should always take this issue seriously.

Ice cream

What scary things can this ordinary dessert hide behind itself? First, it is worth remembering that this is a dairy product, and pathogenic bacteria can often be found. Fans of loose ice cream in a cone were unlucky most of all. Firstly, not all sanitation is maintained in place, and secondly, one can only guess about the cleanliness of the spoon, because basically it is not disposable, but iron.