Christmas traditions

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Christmas is a unique holiday with its many traditions that have come to us since ancient times. We are sure that not all the young generation understand this topic as well as, for example, our grandmothers. Therefore, our team decided to correct this misunderstanding. We found a couple of interesting Christmas traditions.

Ukrainian Christmas traditions

1. Now, in the modern world, few people keep a strict fast. But everyone should know about its existence. It begins forty days before Christmas and ends on the celebration of Holy Eve (January 6).
2. A variety of decorations can be seen on modern Christmas trees. Some even replaced the star at the top with other decorations. But traditionally it should be during the celebration of Christmas. After all, this is a symbol of the very star of Bethlehem, which, at one time, showed the correct path to the place where the Savior was born.
3. Before you start celebrating and sit down at the table, you must definitely blow on your chair. Thus, you do not take the place of your deceased relative.
4. Until you finish Christmas dinner, you must not leave the house. All this is done so as not to let evil spirits into the room.
5. It is customary to visit your second parents on this day. In other words, go to visit the godparents and feed them with a riot. And those in return must make a symbolic gift to the child. It can be either money or treats.
6. The holy evening is also called the memorial, and this should not be forgotten either. Therefore, after dinner, it is not necessary to completely remove all the dishes. Leave something for deceased relatives.
7. One of the main traditions of Christmas is the forgiveness of all wrongs. So your soul is filled with positive.