Top 6 Surprising Food Facts

Undoubtedly, every day a surprise from life awaits us. Some new information. Of course, we can say that it is difficult to surprise a modern person. But today we will try. For example, did you know that our bakery is very famous not only for its unforgettably delicious Ossetian pies, but also for its delivery. After all, our bakery employs only professionals who perfectly cope with the assigned work. The chefs prepare perfect Ossetian pies for every taste. But couriers deliver orders very quickly and efficiently. Did you know that you can order the most delicious Ossetian pies even at your office for a lunch break? Thanks to us, everything is real. Now imagine how much you don’t know about the things and products that you use every day. But don't worry, our team has prepared the top 6 amazing food facts just for you.


It is a well-known fact that red peppers are bitter, and green peppers are sweet. From this we can conclude that thanks to the color, we can easily distinguish the taste properties. But, you didn't know for sure that size matters too. For example, the smaller the pepper, the sharper it is.


How do you prevent mosquitoes from touching you? Quite simply, don't eat bananas. Yes, no matter how surprising it may sound, but mosquitoes stick to people who have just eaten a banana much more often than others. We can only guess why this is happening.


Not sure why your child became severely hyperactive? He may have drunk some food coloring water earlier. After all, from them, especially if the water is yellow, a lot of energy appears.


The Chinese often compare tea to poison. But why, they always loved him. And now attention, the Chinese love delicious, hot fresh tea. And they can not stand the cold, because it irritates the walls of the stomach. Therefore, when you sit down to eat, for example, our very popular sweet berry Ossetian, the filling of which lurks in your mouth, it is better to brew new tea, and not warm up yesterday's one.


The main question for many people is how to learn not to overeat. Chocolate will help you with this. Few people know, but if you eat one small piece of dark chocolate before a meal, then you can quickly get full and not overeat while eating.

Camembert cheese

Why is this type of cheese interesting? Some people consume it after the expiration date. But this is wrong. Yes, it tastes much better before the end of the term, but not after. Be careful and check every piece of advice you are given.