Funniest wedding traditions

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Before starting family life, newlyweds will have to go through many different traditions, which should be done ideally. Therefore, in order not to simply worry about the satiety of the guests, after all, there are enough worries, it is better to trust our bakery.
Paying money for the bride, raising money for the baby, selling the first piece of cake or a bottle of wine. Do you think these are all traditions? In fact, there are a lot of them, and they are insanely different all over the world. Some of them are even very funny and harmless, but sometimes they can even put the newlyweds at risk.
According to a very old Scottish tradition, on the eve of the wedding, the bride should be thoroughly doused with mud. The girl is watered with everything that is possible. Garbage, waste and dirt are used. It must be tied to a tree. It is believed that when the future wife goes through all these tortures, then family life will not seem difficult for her.
We are all accustomed to thinking that everyone is happy and cheerful at a wedding. But, thanks to the traditions of one Chinese province, one can doubt this. After all, there the future wife is being prepared for married life a month before the ceremony. The soon-to-be-married girl needs to cry every day. Gradually she was supported by her mother, then her grandmother and already her sisters.
In another Chinese province, you can stumble upon a terrible ritual with arrows. The groom needs to shoot his future wife from a bow three times. For safety, arrowheads are removed. Then the future spouse must defiantly break them. This means that the marriage will be happy without betrayal.
In India, you can often see weddings with trees. These are not fairy tales or deviations in the mental health of people. This is done for a specific purpose. There is a belief that a younger brother cannot get married before the elder's marriage. That is why, if the younger one met his fate earlier, then the older brother must marry a tree, and then cut it down. So he becomes a widower.
Girls also take trees as husbands. In India, it is believed that if a female child is unlucky, and he was born at a time when Mars and Saturn were in the seventh house, then her first husband is doomed to die in his youth. Therefore, the first wedding was played with a tree and also cut it down. This is how girls became widows.