Real marriage ceremonies with objects

What is love to you? Each person has their own definition of this feeling. Love can take retail, sometimes even funny, forms.
For example, a huge number of residents of the capital can say with confidence that they love our famous Ossetian pies. After all, their fillings are always so juicy, aromatic, tasty and very satisfying. And the dough is as close to ideal as possible. So thin and soft. And the prices in our bakery are something. Where else can you find such a dish for that kind of money? Our team is not chasing all the money in the World, so we do not overstate prices, because the main thing for us is quality. Couriers deliver your favorite Ossetian pies all over Kiev and very quickly. You shouldn't worry about the quality of delivery either. The pies will arrive hot and in perfect condition.
  There are many people who are in love with their work, their hobbies, their homes and their masterpieces. Some go even further and marry the objects of their adoration. There are individuals who are sure that they will not be happy with people. Inanimate objects attract them more.
Perhaps the husband of a French artist is not very sociable, but she has unearthly feelings for him. During the opening of her exhibition on the theme of love, the girl decided to confess to the world that she was married to a stone in her garden.
Most of these marriages are not recognized by the state. But this does not mean anything at all, for people who are devoted to their not living lover.

Relationships are on top

Linda met her love during a wonderful carnival. Among the crowd, she could see her soul mate in him. In the city he was affectionately called a parachutist. But the girl herself called him Bruce. It's about the Ferris wheel that Linda got engaged to in 2012. Prior to this, the "couple" had met for more than thirty years before deciding on such a feat. The future wife promised to always be with her beloved. And in the snow and in the wind, and even in a hurricane. She kept her word. And after a strong wind, she collected the remains of her husband and restored the Ferris wheel. She spent one hundred thousand dollars for this.

Love for the pillow

We all love to lie longer in the crib on a soft pillow that you can always hug tightly. Such pleasure in one Chinese man developed initially into sympathy, and then into long-term family relationships. A twenty-eight year old boy decided to marry his anime pillow. In China, in almost every house you can find such a large "woman" stuffed with feathers with various faces of girls from popular TV shows.

Cardboard husband

Lauren is an American girl who was head over heels in love with one of the main characters of the book "Twilight" Edward Cullen. In her search for the perfect husband, she did not advance beyond this character. Therefore, I decided to marry his cardboard copy.