Why do the most popular nightmares have?

Every person has dreams, they often show our psychological state, stress and even some mental illness. Dreams are the language of communication of our subconscious. For example, with scary, nightmares, they try to inform us about a certain problem that causes us discomfort. Our team talked to the best psychologists and already knows the meaning of the most popular nightmares of a person.
Every person at least once in his life had to feel a fall in a dream. On the Internet, you can find a lot of explanations for this, but, unfortunately, most of them are invented. Psychologists are sure that in this way our subconscious mind reveals the problem, which consists in the lack of support from parents or friends. Also, such a nightmare can inform you that at the moment you are losing control over your life, something very important is happening, but you cannot influence it.
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You should also not be afraid of the dream where you are dying. Thus, our subconscious mind reports that a very important part of our life "dies" and makes room for a new stage. After such a nightmare, a person often gets a new job, a friend, a loved one, or even just a new hobby.
Stay naked among the people
On the internet, you can find that nude nightmares are a signal that soon life will be ashamed. But psychologists approached this issue from a scientific point of view. They are sure that the person who has such a dream does not believe in their success. Consciousness shows uncertainty in the form of a nightmare.
Dead people
After the death of a loved one, people often cannot deal with it and let go of the situation. On this basis, nightmares with the deceased in the lead role can be dreamed. Also, this nightmare can mean hidden fears about your own health, which do not allow you to live in peace.