Why shouldn`t food be thrown away?

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Do you know where the fastest delivery is in Kiev? Of course, we have, so even if unexpected guests come to you, do not panic, just call us and we will solve your lice problems. Your order will come to you very quickly and most importantly, the pies will be still hot, as if only from the oven.
Our bakery loves its customers very much, so we are always ready to help you. Our professionals will be happy to help you calculate the number of Ossetian pies for a large company, so that later not tricky situations will turn out. For example, there was not enough food for someone to feel full, or so that later not to suffer from overeating, because you cannot throw away food, especially so tasty. by the way, why not throw away food?

Why can't you do this?

There are, of course, many options. Now we will analyze the superstitious. Let's start our story with the fact that before, and now, bread is a symbol of food. This is because since the days of Russia, bread has been the most massive product. Therefore, everyone respected bread. How could you throw away the grain that contained so much peasant labor? It was believed that whoever allows himself to throw away the bread lures hunger on humanity. What appeal would you like to a product that feeds you all winter? After all, before there were no refrigerators where you could easily put meat or fish so that it would not disappear. All this taught our ancestors to value food, because if you do the opposite, then get ready to stay hungry and die a terrible death.


We all know that food is organic, which tends to rot in the ground. There is such a thing as a compost pit. But there is a big difference when food ends up in it and in the landfill. In landfills, all waste is rammed with a bulldozer. In this way, oxygen does not enter food. Therefore, food that cannot rot normally produces harmful substances. Therefore, it is better to give food to animals, but do not throw it in landfills.