Answers to the most popular "why" questions

Very often children ask questions that start with "why". Why people in old photos don't smile, for example, or why we've never seen a full rainbow. But how can adults answer these questions if they themselves do not know. After all, adults, just like children, ask why. Today we'll figure it out.

Why do surgeons always wear green gowns?

Yes, initially all doctors wore gowns in one color - white. This is not surprising, because it is a symbol of purity. But at one point, a famous and very influential surgeon decided to break the tradition. He stated that the most optimal color for the robe is green. Since it is the opposite of red, the color of blood. And her surgeons see it all the time, their eyes are tense and over time react poorly to colors. So, green relieves inflammation and gives your eyes a break.
Why don't we see smiles on the faces of people from old photographs?
There are several reasons why 19th century people did not smile in photographs. Firstly, do not forget that the technique was completely different then. The camera shutter speed could last up to 15 minutes. What kind of smiles can we talk about if all this time you need to stand still. Some photo studios even had special head holders so that during a photo it would not accidentally drop down.
Secondly, not beautiful teeth. Would you smile if you had serious problems with oral hygiene? This is at least not aesthetically pleasing.

Why has our bakery become so popular?

This question is asked by adults when they hear about us at every turn, but are not our clients. After only one slice of our famous Ossetian pie, you will be able to answer this question.
Only our bakery adheres to tradition and prepares the most delicious pies in the oven. So the dough turns out to be thin and crispy, and the filling is hearty, juicy, and insanely tasty.
We are also known for our huge selection. Only here you can find Ossetian pies for every taste and color. This is very beneficial when it comes to a festive table for a large number of people. It's so hard to please everyone.
Everyone can afford our Ossetian pies. We are a bakery that loves our customers and does not overcharge. Remember, tasty doesn't mean expensive!
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Why are fake documents called phony?

Many people think that linden came from the name of the tree, but this is completely wrong. It all started with a card game. There is the concept of sticky. This is a special ointment of the cheats. She gets her cards glued together. So scammers hide one of them. But linden is just a consonant word for sticky. That is, something illegal and fake.