Can you drink juices?

After watching another beautiful American film, you can catch yourself thinking that you can start every morning with a glass of juice, because it is from fruit, which means it is healthy, and also tasty. In fact, stereotypes are a very painful topic. They can start from scratch and follow us all our lives. We do not use a lot of products correctly. It is worth considering whether, for example, freshly squeezed juices benefit us.

For juice

Freshly squeezed juice is much tastier and really less harmful than packaged juice from supermarkets. It contains no sugar and various additives, preservatives that poison our body.

Against freshly squeezed juice

Despite a clear victory over the packaged one, can we say for sure that this drink is good for health? Of course the answer is no. Do not forget that juice will not quench your thirst, ordinary water can perfectly cope with this. There are no dyes, sugar and calorie content, or rather its absence is good news. Alas, this cannot be said about juice.
Nutritionists warn that freshly squeezed juice can help you gain weight. You drink, and you don't even realize that instead of these received calories from the drink, you could eat normally. You drank the juice - this is the same thing that you ate at least four oranges in a row. Don't you think that's a lot? That is why not only weight problems can arise, but also skin problems. Each fruit contains sugar, but there will be 4 teaspoons in a glass of freshly squeezed juice. In fact, this is more than a glass of cola.

How to replace a delicious drink?

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