The best films in the history of cinema

What to see before bed, after work and on weekends. The best choice is a movie. But in the twenty-first century, it is very difficult to choose a really worthy work, which is not a pity to spend time on. Today we have prepared for you a top film based on the opinion of the most famous directors of our time. Yes, these people are busy not only with filming. They seek inspiration in films that have been directed by their colleagues. And so, what will they advise us.
Quentin Tarantino
One of the most famous directors. His favorite film is "Trap". I wonder how he could surprise Quentin. According to the results of the survey and the balls, people did not like the "Trap" very much. But the same cannot be said for Tarantino. The film follows a young aspiring swimmer who was unable to find her father after a hurricane that hit Florida. After a long search, she comes to the house, which was located on the territory of Coral Lake. The father was unconscious and very badly wounded. But on the way to save his father was a huge alligator, which began to hunt for the girl.
Woody Allen
One of the director's favorite films is Summer with Monica. Young and completely inexperienced lovers give up all the fuss and begin a paradise life together. They get high on freedom and each other. But the tale ends abruptly. Lovers run out of food, money and real problems begin. I wonder if they can handle it all?
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Christopher Nolan
Man in the Moon is a film that impressed the director to the core. And not in vain, because the film is based on real events. Man conquered space and first set foot on the surface of the moon. It tells not only about the flight of Neil Armstrong, but also about his personal life and difficulties, before glory.