How to improve brain health?

A lot depends on what we include in our diet. Both the state of our health and our mood directly depend on the products. In fact, everything depends on food much more than sports and even sleep.
People work and study a lot. The brain gets very tired. He needs both energy and vitamins. If you eat right, then memory, concentration and speed of thinking improve significantly. Our team has studied a huge amount of information and is ready to share it with you.

Top foods for better brain function


The most important thing for creating normal conditions for our brain to function is breakfast. It is categorically not to be missed. In addition, delicious, juicy and hearty food in the morning will give you energy, improve your mood and concentration. The key to a successful life is the right, healthy start to the day.
If you like to eat porridge in the morning, then we advise you to add blueberries to it. Or you can make fruit drinks from it, add it to yogurt or eat it fresh. The berry does not contain sugar. Blueberries are known for their incredible combination of beneficial elements. For example, it contains a huge amount of antioxidants. And they, in turn, protect the brain from free radicals. Most of them are found in dust and dirt. If you leave the situation with radicals to chance, then you risk suffering from age-related degenerative diseases.

Dark chocolate

We all know that most sweets harm our body. But such a statement is simply unrealistic to attach to dark chocolate. It's not for nothing that doctors constantly urge people with a sweet tooth to replace white or milk chocolate with black.
Just like blueberries, you can add dark chocolate to cereals and yoghurts. These two products can be changed as you get bored. After all, chocolate has exactly the same free radical properties as blueberries.


Omega-3 benefits not only the heart but also the brain. A large amount of this polyunsaturated fatty acid is found in fish.
On our site you can find a huge number of fillings with fish. Juicy, satisfying, incredibly aromatic and unforgettably tasty filling of our famous and best Ossetian pies in Kiev will give you not only a lot of strength, but also vitamins. We recommend ordering these types of pie either for breakfast or for lunch. In the morning, an Ossetian pie will give you a boost of vivacity and fill the body with missing vitamins, and at lunchtime it will cheer you up and add strength to further work.
Despite the juiciness and satiety of our pies, you will not feel heaviness in your stomach after a meal. After all, there is no fat in the Ossetian pies of our famous bakery.
You can also order drinks with pies. We advise you to pay attention to our branded fruit drinks of our own production.
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