Как уберечь себя от Covid-19?

For quite some time now, the whole world has been suffering from an outbreak of a terrible virus. It was named Covid-19. It is actually one of the species in the coronavirus family. It is transmitted by airborne droplets. The virus spreads from person to person. Covid-19 can easily be confused with severe respiratory illness and various types of pneumonia. After all, they all have very similar symptoms.
Manifestation of coronavirus:
• You experience discomfort and difficulty breathing.
• There is a dry cough.
• Fever and fever.
• In most cases, muscles, chest, head hurt.
• Symptoms of weakness.
Alas, at the moment, we do not know exactly how to properly treat this type of virus. There are only assumptions that have not been proven exactly. Therefore, it is so important to comply with preventive measures. But what if someone from your family or people with whom you live in the same house fell for the terrible Covid-19?
How to protect yourself?
Take a test
The very first and very important action when your loved one, with whom you are in contact, received a positive result - to take a test. No matter how trite it may sound, many people forget about this action from stress and nerves. If the result is negative, don't be happy. Indeed, often in the first days of contact with a sick person, the test does not show the correct results. After the first, it is worth doing the second after five to six days.
If there is no opportunity or even desire to be tested, then it will be enough to put yourself in self-isolation (14 days). During this time, the symptoms will manifest themselves.
Do not forget to inform everyone who may have come into contact with the sick person about his illness in order to protect them.
Limit contact
A person who falls ill with Covid-19 should limit contact with other people. Ideally, you should be in a separate room or bedroom. You should not approach the infected person closer than two meters and only when necessary.
Don't forget to keep the room ventilated. Try to open windows parts. Do not forget that the virus is kept in the air in the form of small droplets and thus people become infected.
Wear a mask
A sick person should constantly wear a mask if there is a healthy person next to him. In this way, respiratory infections are contained.
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