How to recognize a feeling of satiety?

One of the most common causes of weight gain and stress through this problem is a lack of satiety. You can add unhealthy kilograms to yourself just because after breakfast or lunch or dinner, you do not stop and begin to fill up even more with different dishes. After all, you feel that the portion is not enough for satiety. But in fact, our body cannot send us signals about its state as quickly as you want. But the feeling of satiety can be regulated independently, but our team will now tell you how.
Hearty foods
Saturation comes not from the quantity of food, but from its quality. You can eat at least a bowl of something, but the feeling of hunger will still be. It all depends on the amount of nutrients in the food. Also, do not forget about the speed with which the body can over-poison your dish. For example, you shouldn't expect satiety from muesli or quick breakfasts. In order not to gain extra pounds, try to eat those foods that the body will consume at a slower rate. Here is a list of instant absorption foods:
•    White bread
• Zucchini
• Pasta not made from durum wheat
• Potatoes
•    Sweets
• Corn
•    Bakery products.
Doctors recommend taking the coveted trinity as an example. Dietary fiber found in whole grains, vegetables, and fruits. Our famous vegetarian Ossetian pies are ideal for lunch or dinner. On our site, you can choose a huge number of different fillings that will not only help your body, but also give you a good mood for the whole day. Juicy, hearty filling will give you wings of pleasure, not extra pounds. Despite the juiciness of the Ossetian pie of our bakery, it does not cause heaviness in the stomach. Therefore, they are often ordered to the office for a lunch break for normal, satisfying further work. Ossetian pies are delivered throughout Kiev.
Also included in the trinity are healthy fats and proteins. Properly combined foods can keep you full for hours.
Diet and fluid intake
Doctors recommend taking three to five small meals a day. And don't forget to drink up to ten glasses of plain water. In order not to make a mistake and correctly determine the feeling of satiety, you should drink plenty of fluids. Write down a meal plan that is convenient for you personally and try to consistently follow the plan. Only in this case, you will not want supplements, and you will get rid of constant stress due to weight.
Stressful situations and hunger
Many people have a bad habit of seizing stress. And, of course, this does not lead to anything good. At such moments, it is worth keeping yourself under control and drinking water, because very often we do not understand what the body wants from us, either water or food.
There is also a method of determining hunger: ask yourself the question, do you feel like eating an apple? If the answer is yes, then yes you are hungry and not just bored or stressed.