17 new combo menus

It's always cheaper together. For even more benefit, you can find combos in our menu. What does it mean? This means that you can save a significant amount of money.
For example, when buying a combo set for two number 4, you save, attention, 121 UAH. But that's not all, if you take a set of five pies number 3, then you already effortlessly leave 319.29 hryvnia in your pocket. This cannon includes: Tuscany pie 33 cm, BBQ pie 33 cm, Foresters pie 33 cm, Hawaii pie 33 cm. Also the Village Pie. With drinks you will receive Coca-Cola, Sandora tomato juice - 2 pieces and 1 piece. apple juice. And finally, you will receive garlic sauce (2pcs) and hot sauce (1pc).

Special promotional offers, we can surprise you with an exceptional combination of Ossetian pies, sauces and the best drinks

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