You are doing it wrong

What do you put on the side shelves of the refrigerator? Did you know that this place is not for eggs and milk? And this is just one myth, which is used by many. Today, our team will not only give you a piece of their soul and delicious Ossetian pies, but also a couple of interesting facts that will surely surprise you.
Microwave oven
You may doubt it by asking how you can be wrong here. But many people, having this wonderful device, do not know what power is installed on it. And this is very important information. They do not know that during this time, food can heat up faster, thanks to more power. Even some foods on the packaging have precise instructions on how much power and how long to heat it. Therefore, when you want to warm up our famous most delicious and such unforgettable Ossetian pies on the second day, it is better to pay attention to the power. Why warm up only on the second day? After all, on the first day you will not need this information. Our couriers will quickly bring you the most delicious Ossetian pies in Kiev while still hot. And the only reason you can leave them for later is overeating. After all, they are so delicious that we can't really stop. Therefore, we have a help function. You can easily call us, and our team will easily help you calculate the number of pies per company.
Garlic cases
One of the main problems with garlic is the smell. Yes, not everyone likes him. And besides, it is difficult to get rid of it. But don't worry, our team of experts knows how to avoid this problem. Just order our Ossetian pies, which do not contain garlic in their filling. This is of course a joke. But, if you want a tasty and inexpensive meal, then you are definitely here. After all, such masterpieces at such low prices are very difficult to find. And so, back to the smell. Few people know, but to squeeze the garlic, it is not necessary to clean it. After all, when squeezing the peel will remain in the press.
Everything is clear with the central shelves. All food is stored there. Here, for example, are our famous Ossetian pies with various hearty fillings. If you love sweets, then our berry pies just have to be in your fridge. After all, they are not only delicious, but also insanely high quality and useful. But if you are hungry, it is better to order Ossetian pies with cheese, meat or fish.
And here for what lateral regiments? Not everyone knows that this is the warmest place in the refrigerator. Therefore, it is better to keep juices in bags, and other products that are not deadly important temperature. And here, for example it is better not to put milk and eggs here.