Sweets are our life

As you already know for a long time, our famous and beloved Ossetian pies are not only with meat, fish, cheese and vegetable food, there are also sweet species. We even practice ordering them instead of cakes for birthdays and holidays. People say that our sweet Ossetian pies are much tastier than all the cakes they know. In addition, it is very original and cool. They trust us not only lunch at the office, because it is cheap and fast, but even a wedding table. After all, our Ossetian pies are for every taste. People always like them, because everyone can find a satisfying filling for every taste.
Our Ossetian pies with sweet filling are in great demand among people, because they are said to cheer you up and motivate you to work. But why is this happening? This is because our team puts not only a piece of heart and soul into the filling of our berry Ossetian pies, but also sugar.
Interesting about sugar
Everyone meets sugar in their path. We use it almost every day. Too many people cannot live normally without him. Here is a kind of drug for the body. Just like our famous and beloved Ossetian pies, which will not leave you indifferent. For some of us, sugar is also a kind of antidepressant. After all, he can excellently raise our mood and even relieve depression. But there are also a number of people who have already abandoned its use in the form of sweets and dangers. But why did they do it?
Today we will deal with this food. And here are a couple of interesting facts for you.
1. It is impossible to completely exclude sugar. You can and even just need to reduce its amount. And so you get rid of most future wrinkles on your face. Yes, alas, sugar is always stored by our body in reserve in the collagen of the skin. Thus, as a result, it becomes less elastic. But do not rush to be upset and consider that now only a beautician and expensive procedures will help you get rid of wrinkles in the future. To prevent this, just reduce the amount of sugar now. For example, you can order not cakes and donuts, but our famous and such unique Ossetian pies. And if you really want something very sweet, then order sweet Ossetian pies from us. All the filling is very natural and the amount of sugar that we use will not hurt you, it will only improve your mood and betray a positive attitude.
2. Do you know what really shocked Alexander the Great when he got to India? People there could get honey and not use bees for this. For Alexander, it was a miracle. But for the inhabitants of India - a commonplace. They always mined crystalline sugar from cane. It was a kind of artificial sugar honey.
3. Why is sugar extracted? A very interesting question and, most importantly, everyone knows the answer. That's right, sugar is extracted from sugarcane. And so it was until 1802. What happened that day? And then the first factory was opened, where sugar was also extracted from beets. And such an interesting method was discovered by a chemist known for that time. Thanks to him, production was opened in the northern regions.
4. Attention to the question, how many cubes of sugar do you throw in tea or coffee? Two to three, on average. Can you eat 16 such cubes of sugar without anything? You can object and say that it is nasty and very sweet. But do you want me to tell you a secret? Our favorite cola contains 16 cubes of sugar in a ratio of 16 per 500 ml. Now think about whether to drink in such quantities. Our fruit drinks can easily come to our Ossetian pies. From them, your body will receive only benefit and enjoyment.
5. Lugdunam is the strongest sugar substitute. It is a thousand times sweeter. For example, you want to drink tea and you are used to drinking it with two tablespoons of sugar. But if you change sugar to lugdunami, then you need only one crystalline of these products.
6. A very interesting fact, you often saw that children themselves conceived or by themselves invent various diseases. How to deal with this? In the United States, special tablets called Obecalp have long been invented for this. Its main component is sugar. And you will learn about the help of these pills when you read the word the other way around.

It can also be done with our Ossetian pies. Tell your child that this is a kind of medicine. And the child is full and the parents are happy. In addition, you do not have to go somewhere for your order. We will bring Ossetian pies directly to your home. Do not worry about delivery. We value the time of each of our customers. Therefore, we have the fastest delivery in Kiev. Do not believe me - check, we are waiting for your order.