The most ridiculous diets in history

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The belief that a calorie deficit is the ideal way to lose weight is not the worst way to diet. Our ancestors did worse things.

Vinegar diet

There was a poet who was very much afraid of gaining weight. He constantly limited himself. But he became famous not for his calorie deficit, but for drinking water with the addition of vinegar. In addition to this, the guy wore a lot of woolen clothes in order to sweat well and thus get rid of many more calories. Okay, if he hurt his health alone, but no. The poet had a tremendous influence on his peers. To have the same pale appearance, many people pumped themselves with vinegar. You don't have to go far for the consequences, not everyone could survive after such a beauty ritual.

The priest's diet

Long ago, people began to combine morality and food. In one city, a priest was very worried about the excessive sexual activity of citizens. It was necessary to come up with something. And now the priest "understood" that the fatty food is to blame. And as a result, he began to promote bland food. He developed his own diet, which was supported by a large number of people. The priest even invented his own bread. This idea was successful, but few knew about its purpose.

Do not do anything

This idea is for real lazy people who want to lose weight. There is no need to try here. Diet theory: sleep constantly, because then you don't feel like eating. Would you like to try this?