Summer and its benefits

Summer is a favorite time of young people in Ukraine and in many other countries. In summer, schoolchildren and students have free time from classes - a long-awaited vacation. Someone goes on vacation, someone - to grandfather and grandmother in the village, and someone stays in the apartment.
Of course, you can rest at any free time, but in summer the body is more tuned in to rest. This is due to the fact that the air temperature in summer is quite high, and the body relaxes, it is also important that in the warm season there is a long daylight hours, which you just want to spend actively.
There are many options for spending summer holidays, and there is a merchant for each product, as they say. We have prepared a list of the most popular summer activities:
• A trip to the sea.
Many are waiting for summer to soak up the sun by the sea. If you are going to the sea, do not forget to bring hats and, of course, sunscreen. You should not be in the open sun for a long time - this can lead to unpleasant consequences. Do not abuse your time in the sun or in the water. Rest should be fun and cool, and first of all, safe !!!
• Rest in the forest.
Every year many people go on vacation to the forest. Some go to the forest for a short while - to fry a barbecue or just take a break from the city noise. And some go to the forest for a few days - to live in a tent and spend time by the fire is a good way to escape from problems. However, no matter how long you go to the forest, it is better to have insect repellent with you and be careful. Many animals live in the forest, and some can cause great harm to humans.
• Rest in the mountains.
A popular type of recreation is the rest in the mountains. Summer is the best time to conquer new heights. But remember that it's cool in the mountains, so dress appropriately. In extreme heat, it is better to refrain from climbing the mountains. This type of recreation is extreme and requires stamina and physical fitness. If you have not done this before, find a guide, it will be safer and more interesting.
• Country rest.
A large number of people prefer to rest in the country. In this way, you can take a break from the city and noise, and, of course, use the labor on your personal plot as therapy. You will spend time outdoors, away from city worries, and you will be able to grow vegetables and fruits with your own hands that will help you to improve your health. Vitamins have not been canceled !!!
Outdoor activities can be active or not. However, do not think that in summer you can only eat vegetables or fruits. Our pies will be a cool meal for the summer, because they are hearty, and extremely light, and there are many options for fillings. You can always order Ossetian pies on the website or by phone. And in less than an hour, the courier will bring you the order, because we have delivery in Kiev and the suburbs.
Rest in Ukraine
You don't have to go abroad for a weekend to spend a rich and cool vacation. In Ukraine, there are many cool places for active and relaxing holidays that will charm, amaze and inspire, you just need to choose what you love more! By the way, this vacation option will save you a lot of money (of course, if you don't want the opposite). Therefore, if you want to relax in your home country, then this information is for you. We, the bakery team, have prepared the top 10, the best places for recreation in Ukraine. Here we go !!!
1) Dzembronya.
As we know, the Carpathians are cool: clean air, magnificent landscapes, few people. Rest here is a real pleasure. Therefore, mountain lovers - this village is perfect for you. However, it is worth remembering that it is difficult to get there by car. Therefore, leave the iron horse at home. Take a train to Ivano-Frankivsk or Chernivtsi, and from there you can get to your destination by buses. By the way, the village of Dzembronya is considered the highest mountain in Ukraine.
2) Lake Synevyr.
Lake Synevyr is famous throughout the country, because it is considered the pearl of the Ukrainian Carpathians. Books have been written about him, and many films have been shot. The reservoir mesmerizes with its bottomless beauty and lightness. However, swimming in this lake will not work, the fact is that it is strictly forbidden to do this, and the water in the lake is always cold. Even in the heat, the water temperature is no more than 11 degrees. However, you can swim on a raft, and on the shore it is allowed to set up tents and burn fires.
3) Dzharylgach.
We are sure that most of the population has not heard such a name, but in vain ... Dzharylgach Island is located in the Kherson region, and has an interesting unofficial name - the Ukrainian Maldives. This is thanks to the clean sand, beautiful and breathtaking scenery, and of course the clear, blue water. Rest here is suitable for those who love to relax in peace and harmony with nature. The island is considered uninhabited, but there are houses on its territory, in which everyone can move in for a few days. There are also cafes on the island where you can eat deliciously.
4) Bakota.
It is called the Ukrainian Atlantis, which is located in the Khmelnytsky region. In the early 1980s, the water level in the Dniester began to rise gradually and Bakota went under the water, along with a dozen other villages. It's exciting, isn't it? And already in 1986, the Bakotsky Bay was created, during the construction of the Dniester Hydro-Electric Station. Now this place is considered one of the favorite among Ukrainian travelers. The climate here is warm and mild, it is equated with the Crimean one. You can safely go here on vacation with your children. They will definitely love the many different attractions and professional animators!
Continuation of this list in the second part. Until she's gone, eat our pies and stay home!