Life hack with beer

Where are the most delicious Ossetian pies in Kiev?
Of course in our bakery. After all, only here you can feel the warmth not only from Ossetian pies, but also from the staff. After all, each client is an individual approach for us. We know that all people are different and tastes are also different. That is why our team helps you with the choice of the most delicious Ossetian pies especially for you. If you are hungry, we will be happy to make an Ossetian pie with cheese, meat or even fish for the masses. If you want something sweet, but cakes are very harmful to the figure, then do not be afraid and order our famous Ossetian pies with berry filling. They certainly will not leave you indifferent. Our bakery follows the trends in the world, so you can easily find Ossetian pies for vegetarians here.

Very often we order not only Ossetian pies, but also drinks with them. But if it is a company, then according to statistics, our Ossetian pies are bought for beer. It is very tasty and unusual. But few people know that beer can be used not only in its traditional design.

One common way is a marinade for meat. It will saturate any meat with a wonderful aroma, also will make it soft and very tasty. Very often it is used for cooking kebabs.

Beer can very well serve as a substitute for yeast. For housewives who do not want to have a lot of trouble with yeast dough - this is a real salvation. Baking on this dough will always be on top. So if you have no experience with yeast, don't worry, just use beer.
Also, beer is often used for deep-fried products. Gives them a delicious crust.

Furniture care
Beer can be very useful in the household. After all, they can easily and simply polish the furniture. The drink is mixed with vegetable oil. Due to this, it is not inferior to some store polishes. In such solution it is necessary to moisten a very soft cloth not to scratch furniture, and safely rub furniture.

Few people know, but beer has a lot of useful elements. If you want to cool and relax your skin, then you will need to pour a bottle of beer into the bathroom. And to completely relax and get rid of extraneous thoughts, we advise you to take our famous Ossetian cake with you to the bathroom, turn on an interesting show or movie and relax from everything.

Beer can not only improve human skin, but it also serves as a very good fertilizer for flowers. Beer stimulates root growth. But it is important: beer must be alive.