These life hacks are older than you

Where is the most delicious food? You can say that only in expensive restaurants. After all, in an inexpensive place where prices do not bite your pocket, there can be no excellent quality and delicious food. But our regular customers will easily convince you otherwise. After all, only in our famous bakery all over Kiev you can find all of the above in our works, otherwise you will not call Ossetian pies of this level. Here you will find everything your soul and stomach wants. We love our customers so much that we have developed a delivery service before the premium box office. You can easily call us or order the Ossetian pies of your choice on the site and very soon they will be at your home. And at this time you can go about your business, instead of putting everything off and getting to us for food.

Of course, now the delivery service is a common thing for us, but it was not always so. People used to come up with their life hacks to achieve a goal. They passed the products through people they knew who might have passed by at the time. Or they had to come up with something different and we do not understand. It is good that our generation does not have to use the methods. But there are also life hacks that, despite the time, continue to function. Here are a couple of them.

Slicing bread
And you have faced such a problem that something goes wrong when slicing bread. For example, you want to make beautiful sandwiches, but the bread does not listen to you and is constantly crumbling. To overcome this problem you just need to dip the knife in hot water, quickly wipe it. Thanks to this, the bread will be cut better.

Did you have problem spots that you could not remove on your own, and had to throw away your favorite things. One such stain is ink. At first glance, they can not be washed. But this is not the case. Milk will easily help you with this. We dip a fresh stain in a vessel with milk and the ink disappears by itself.

Check for naturalness
Nowadays, alas, it is very difficult to find quality, natural butter. Yes, of course there are and are sold natural, but how to find exactly what you need? Very simple. To do this, you will need a small piece of paper. It should be well greased with oil and set on fire. If the butter is ordinary margarine, or not high quality, the paper will stink very much. And natural oil, even at high temperatures, will smell great.

It burns
In hiking or just in nature you can face a problem. Matches burn out very quickly. This problem is easy to deal with. Just make a couple of cuts on the match. This will increase the flame very well and the fire can be lit faster.