Useless facts that add variety to the conversation

Why are we constantly ordered to parties in large companies? There are many very different establishments. Some are very tasty, some are very cheap, and there are fast delivery and nice staff. We are the best bakery in the capital, because we have collected all these qualities. Therefore, we are beautiful. Only here you can save a lot and have a hearty meal at the same time. Only here you will find a huge selection of fillings for the Ossetian pie and fast delivery. This is because we love our customers and do everything for their convenience. We know how to surprise visitors. Our famous Ossetian pies have a very cool surprise. They have an insane amount of filling and a thin, soft dough that just melts in your mouth. And the filling is so juicy that it is simply impossible to tear yourself away from it. It is also impossible to tear yourself away from our interesting facts.
Today we'll talk about the top useless facts that can be used in any company in any conversation. With the help of them, you will definitely not be left on the sidelines, but will be the center of attention. And so we went.


Animals are always interesting for everyone. And this fact can be shocking to many people. Have you ever heard of "cloacal breathing"? So, this term means that animals, for example, turtles, do not breathe like we do with your mouth. They are used to functioning air through the anus.


How much saliva do you think our body produces? Attention hint: if you collect all the saliva of a person in eighty years, then it will be possible to fill several large pools. And in a day we will collect about two liters of liquid.
The topic of animals is always relevant. Cows also need society and companionship. Therefore, they easily and with great enthusiasm make new acquaintances and even look for best friends. With whom they feel calmer and comfortable.


Many people know about this fact, but they never talk about it. Have you noticed that babies don't cry when they are born? Why is this happening? Everything is very simple, tears in children appear only at the age of one to three months.


What do you think, when giving birth to twins, can there be a big difference between babies. We are not talking now about seconds or minutes, no, we are talking about days or even months. We can tell you with confidence that everything is real. Even such a difference. One woman was pregnant with twins, and it so happened that one of the girls decided to be born earlier, and the other wanted to stay in the womb for another three months. As a result, the difference between them was eighty-seven days.