Pregnancy in the 19th century

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And so back to pregnant women. It is so good that we live in the twenty-first century and our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren will not experience such torment as women in the 19th century. What happened then?
Nobody warned them
Few people know, but in the past, doctors recommended that pregnant women smoke. Of course, now it is wild for us, because we know about the dangers of alcohol and nicotine. But a hundred years ago it was all considered useful. Doctors advised pregnant women to smoke so they could maintain their weight. They thought tobacco improved digestion.
How is it to give birth under chloroform?
Anesthesia during childbirth began only in 1847. What did people do before? As crazy as it sounds, they used chloroform. Initially, this was not appreciated, but when they put Queen Victoria to sleep during childbirth, the citizens accepted this innovation. Of course, this did not lead to anything good. Most babies died in childbirth, because chloroform dulls the nervous system.
Taboo in the sun
To begin with, ultraviolet light does not bring much benefit. However, in the past, recommendations that it costs a little less to be in the sun took interesting and even awkward forms. Despite the intense heat, the pregnant woman had to be fully clothed. Hands had to be completely covered with gloves. A hat should protect the head. And you couldn't go outside without an umbrella from the sun.